Emphasis your SEO efforts on the buying-intent keywords first to give you the finest chance to drive leads and sales.

SEO is like running a marathon

SEO is a very misunderstood area of digital marketing. Ranking on top using SEO is like running a marathon. Why Marathon? Because it is a long race and since SEO also takes time to get results (sometimes 6 months, even a year or even more based on keyword difficulty and competition).

When one is competing in a marathon, one undergoes hours of training not just to run but also to build up the other parts of the body in preparation for the big race. In the same way, SEO is like a marathon in which we and our competitors take part to rank on the top of the search results where some people use the Black-hat SEO techniques to rank at the top but their results have a very short lifespan. This is because they have traded short term success for a long-term failure. For the right SEO technique, one should plan for long terms instead of short terms. Hence you should focus on results that are going to be consistent. Consistency is at the very core of SEO success as it shows dependability and stability which are the main focus here. Long term planning for SEO as in case of a “marathon” will not only give you the ability to start the race but you will be able to carry on consistently through it as well, getting you through right until the end.

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Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’ — it’s about ‘getting the targeted and relevant traffic.

SEO strategy starts with finding the right keywords that will ultimately drive conversions for your business & traffic to your website.

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The goal of SEO is not to rank #1, it is to generate leads and sales.

Proper SEO requires the right plan and proper execution for the long run. So when we consider SEO, we have to be around in the long run. Keeping the trend, we plan ahead and also get frequent reviews from our clients and then replan as per needs.

Avoid Using Black Hat approach i.e. – Keyword stuffing, invisible text, irrelevant keywords, and backlinks.

So, to implement it properly, the analytic manager has a monthly SEO report with an SEO consultant to ensure that they are working in line with the strategies and therefore, we set milestones in terms of tasks to be accomplished and not in terms of ranking in the short term. Based on the monthly report shared and SEO consultant, we modify the plan and take further steps (if required).

67k searches are done on Google each second. Nearly 80% of users ignore paid ads in the search results.

You can expect sincere business growth from our SEO Services. Not just growth in rankings and traffic, but also growth in leads & sales! We consult, device and manage the entire SEO strategy to be your partners in evolution.

How We Do It?

We Do it In Three Steps

1. Research & Planning

First, we analyze your website performance. This is to find whether your website focused on SEO aspects or not. We check to find all the major and minor issues that can affect your website ranking. Also, we do competitor analysis, keyword research and reporting.

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2. Optimize Your website ( On page SEO)-

We fix all the website related issues such as-

  • Adding Title and Description Optimization
  • URLs optimization
  • Optimize Images
  • Optimizaing Content
  • Minify Some Java script & Codes
  • Broken link fix
  • Page duplication issue and canonical URLs
  • Sitemap creation
  • Robots.txt creation
  • Monthly Report

3. Off Page SEO-

75% of SEO is actually off-page, while only 25% is on-page. Most individuals make the mistake of believing that what’s on your website is the key to SEO. Instead, SEO stats show that backlinks, social media, social signals, directories, and many other “off-page” practices will prove to be even more valuable than you ever thought possible. We perform all the off-page actions that can help you in ranking such as –

  • Website submission to google and bing
  • Sitemap & Robots.txt submission
  • Directory Submissions
  • Url submissions
  • Social bookmarking
  • Blog commenting and Link building
  • DA & PA improvement
  • Blog submission
  • Required On Page improvements
  • Monthly Report
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Our Website SEO Packages

SEO Packages 20 keywords 25 keywords 30 keywords 60 keywords
PRICE PLAN P/M RS 18000 RS 25000 RS 35000 RS 65000
No of keywords 20 25 30 60
Top 10 Google results 3-5Keywords 5-8Keywords 8-15Keywords 15-25Keywords
Delivery time frame 3-6Months 6-12Months 6-12Months 6-12Months
Take complete backup
Website Analysis
Competitor Research and Analysis
Keyword Research and Analysis
Initial SERP report
SEO Consulting
On Page Optimization
Title Tag Optimization 15 25 50 500
Description Tag Optimization 15 25 50 500
Meta keywords 15 25 50 500
Header Tag Optimization 15 25 50 500
Content Optimization 15 25 50 500
Content Optimization 15 25 50 500
URL Rewriting
XML Sitemap creation
Google Analytics
Google Webmaster tools
Off Page Optimization
Manual Search Engine Submission (Google)
Manual directory submission 5 10 15 20
Article Submission (Article provided by client) 1 2 5 8
Broken link checking
Blog Commenting 4 4 10 20
Social Book Marking 1 2 5 8
Forum / Blog Posting
Content Dupicasy checkup
Domain Age Check up
Speed Checkup & Suggestion
Keyword Ranking reports
Google Analytics Reporting
Support Phone, Mail & chat Phone, Mail & chat Phone, Mail & chat Phone, Mail & chat
Price per month RS 18000 Rs 25000 RS 35000 RS 60000

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