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Educational Video Production Company in Mumbai

Make complex concepts simple for your audience, train and educate them with videos

We make learning simple and engaging through our educational and instructive videos and simplify complex concepts to understand better your students, institutes, workers, and clients.

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Leading Educational Video Production Company in Mumbai

At Brand Beavers, we provide educational video editing services to schools, institutes, and companies that produce educational content. We simplify complex concepts and conventions with visually appealing content to educate your audience effectively. Our educational video services aim to make your video enjoyable to view by creating impactful learning videos. Also, if you wish to unlock live streaming teaching, then you have reached it outright. Whether it's a how-to video or a business training video, Zoom, or live Webinars, you can create videos so your team can perform to their best potential. Educational video production is an intuitive way to convey the content more efficiently, regardless of your subject. We are an educational video editing company working around the clock to meet your time and expectations and deliver in terms of just the way you like. 

Why should you consider educational content for your audience?

We can give thousands of reasons but here’s the one that ultimately matters!

  • 75% of consumers aged 18-34 years watch one video daily
  • 44% of consumers prefer videos that are educational, informative, and based on social issues
  • 80% report increase in dwell times on-site if it has video content
  • 67% of educational brands use video tools to boost performance
  • 93% of teachers prefer the use of educational videos for learning

Here’s how we make 
YOUR Life smoother

Send us the raw footage, shot from your mobile camera or DSLR. We do the heavy lifting while you can sit back, relax on a couch, or tick-off other tasks on your list. Finally what you receive is a professional video that speaks volumes about your brand, to people who matter the most to you and your brand.

Top-notch quality

Top-notch quality

Our video quality sparkles by carrying a convincing spark to your instructive video through our edits.

Artistic Sense Approach

Artistic Sense Approach

We apply the artistic sense by adding creativity in your videos through graphics, emojis, and gifs, making them engaging to view for your students

Customized altering Support

Customized altering Support

We open the space for demonstrating your self-curated ideas in editing the videos based on your choice

Use of Video Technology

Use of Video Technology

Through video technology, you can motivate and educate students of all levels while opening new horizons

Complex concepts decoded

Complex concepts decoded

Converting and decoding complex concepts into an enjoyable learning process through a story-driven approach

Improves impact on Students

Improves impact on Students

Visual and auditory videos make videos presentable and impact retention power among the students.

Our Bouquet of Educational Video Editing Services offers

Training Videos Editing

Leverage videos to make your training sessions worth attending. Our expertise lies in creating and adding visually appealing content for your audience. Individuals progressively favor watching instructional exercise recordings instead of reading text in a book or simply paying attention to somebody's talk. Furthermore, individuals have a higher retention capacity when they learn through a demo video rather than explicit content. Our educational video creation services will assist with improving complex thoughts and uncover essential certainties about your business.

Educational Video Editing

Creating engaging and impactful videos for schools and educational companies. Our expertise lies in editing, developing, and producing learning videos.  With educational video content, you work and communicate comprehensive outreach of complex concepts to students. When an idea incorporates many numbers or information, a video can make it simpler for students to picture and fathom that information. As one of the top educational video production companies in India, Brand Beavers assists you with making learning fun and engaging. You can introduce charts and information in your video that makes the fundamental ideas interesting to learn. That, in turn, enhances engagement with the lessons. 

Informational Video Editing

Informational recordings convey crisp and new data as compactly as could be expected. We offer Informational video creation administrations and extravagant transitions that can assist you with recounting incredible stories through minimalistic and striking substance to top up engagement. We give video creation administrations to the accompanying sorts of Informational recordings for

  1. 1
    Questions and Answers Answer Videos
  2. 2
    Webinars and show recordings

Instructor & Online Courses Video Editing

If you’re a gym instructor, an online trainer, or a teacher wishes to launch your course, we can cut, edit, videos, write subtitles, add screens, animation & transitions wherever required, and create professional videos for you. Boost the students' learning power with visual videos.

E-Learning Video Editing

Learning is no longer limited to the classroom; It has transformed into e-based education. We help to deliver your educational content virtually via creating e-learning videos and courses. You can take e-learning to a brand new level through appealing and clear videos.

Serving educational video production services to individuals, schools, institutions and companies

How does it work?

The steps are very simple! And obviously, we are there to make you understand.

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Share raw footage

Upload your raw video on Dropbox, Google Drive and share the link with us

Grow your social reach

Boost Your Brand & Audience engagement online with Educational videos

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Providing Multiple Options of Educational Video Services

Instagram Reels

Adding trending music, sounds, titles, and banners to footage. Here your reel content can talk about how-tos, strategies, educational updates, fun learning tips, lists, and case studies.

Instagram Reels Editing
Long form video editing

Long-form Videos

Editing long educational IGTV, Instagram, and LinkedIn Live or for YouTube videos and courses. It can help you to connect with the audience through tutorials, talks, interviews with professors, trends and live events, and webinars with speakers.

Podcast to Video

Adding images, visual representations, transition to podcasts, and converting them into videos. Podcasts to videos are newly enhanced technology that makes it easier to film quality videos. The audience expects and demands exciting videos rather than simply listening to audio. The videos enhance their learning and attention capacity in the long run.

Podcast to Video editing
Article to Video Editing

Article to Video

Using listicle-based articles of corporate training and converting them into instructor videos, making the content appealing. With the help of videos, especially Youtube, you get a chance to communicate to a broader audience. It also enhances listening and pronunciation among trainees as they mimic the person in the video, giving them a practical experience to learn and evolve.

Cutting and trimming unwanted footage.

Adding subtitles, title slide, closing slide, banners, logo, etc.

Adding filters, transitions, effects, music, graphics etc.

Changing the style, pace and mood of the video

What does our educational video editing service for social include?

Testimonials from our ‘Heroes’ who consider us their perfect guide

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I had worked with Brand Beavers and they did an excellent job. They made my site secure and setup a 3-layer anti-spam filter which entirely handled the spam situation I was facing. They also setup a pop-up window which has increased my emailing subscription rate. Getting a video edited from Brand Beavers is highly recommend to everyone and now my page converts 2x more. I look forward to working with them again.

Video editing Company in Mumbai, India


Mumbai, India

I have worked with BRANDBEAVERS on a couple of projects, and the experience has been great. Just by having a look at some of the websites they’ve designed (also their clientele), you know they are creative and brilliant.

Video editing Company in Mumbai, India


Mumbai, India

Designing work has been the best. Especially the logo & video making… The brand presentation was also good…Thank you Brand Beavers for giving such a lovely brand logo and icon. Highly recommended for graphic design!

Animated Video Editing

Easily communicate your message with animated videos

Animated videos easily communicate and build connections with the readers through the art of story-telling. It helps to target your audience by conveying the concepts through illustrations that help achieve your business goals.

We are experts in 3D/2D motion graphics, character, live-action, animated interaction, color corrections, typographic and hand-drawn liveliness.  Our team sets aside the effort to get you and your objectives. Whatever animated or movement designs content you're arranging, we assist you with making recordings that address your crowd and curate experiences that resound with your watchers. We give video creation administrations to the accompanying kinds of Animation recordings:

  • 2D Character Animation Videos
  • Motion Graphics Videos
  • Whiteboard Animation Videos
  • 3D Animation Videos
  • Stop Motion Videos
  • Live-Action Videos

Let our editors spill the magic in your video & you sit back and relax

See how PivotChain is using our edited product launch video to grab more eyeballs


PivotChain has built an advanced video analytics and surveillance platform that provides real-time alerts at airports, homelands, and in logistics. PivotChain reached out to us to avail our corporate video editing service and bring the functionalities and benefits in spotlight.


We stitched various recordings, footages, and screenshots together to form a video. Then, we added visual dashboard to represent numbers, inserted Gantt chart to show the change in turnaround time, and highlighted people’s movement and key events. While doing so, we strictly adhered to brand guidelines. Overall, the video was well-appreciated, and PivotChain has been able to captivate their prospects’ attention.

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