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Top 7 Super Ways to Boost Your Email Opening Rates!

Are you sick of broadcasting emails that just aren’t being opened?
Do you constantly ask yourself how to improve them?

While there are many factors that contribute to achieving the best possible open rates KPI’s like delivery rate, inbox placement and unsubscribe rate, etc. also aids in garnering open rates.

What Is Email Open Rate?
Email open rate refers to the percentage of the number of subscribers who open the emails you send through your campaign. These rates can differ depending on many factors.

Here are some of the critical things you can do to entice your subscribers so that they take the time out of their day to read through your email thus boosting your email marketing strategy.

Get the Subject Line Right

Subject lines are more important.
Your email subject lines should simple and direct. Be honest about what readers will gain when they open your emails, and you’re more likely to increase your open rates over time.

importance of subject line in email marketing

Here are some basic rules to follow:

● Keep your email subjects simple. The less complex and direct, the better.
● Don’t use capital letters and/or punctuation!
● Don’t use buzzwords like “free”, “help”, “reminder”, “attention”etc. is likely to decrease your open rates.
● Offer relevant incentives. Offer discounts or other incentives to give users a reason to read the email.
● Don’t forget the A/B test. Study the open rates of different subject lines and compare results.
● Be mobile-friendly. Make them crisp and to the point.

Avoid ending up in Spam

If you solely follow the rules of email marketing strategies, it’s not that hard to stay out of your customers’ spam folders.
Most spam filters automatically send sketchy-looking emails to the spam folder. The standards for spam is set by a variety of laws – such as suspicious formatting, image-to-text ratio, missing information (address and unsubscribe options), incorrect code, etc. – the analysis of which results in spam score. Another way to improve your email open rate is to use personalized metadata. Use merge tags to add the recipient’s name in the subject line, and don’t forget to ask readers to add your email to their address book.

Set Clear Expectations

When subscribers sign up to hold your communications, it’s important to not only be honest with them about what you’ll be sending them but also very clear. If they sign-up for a newsletter, and they get coupons or other promotions instead, your open rates are going to tank, and fast.

Be timely

One of the most important factors is whether your emails are likely to be opened is timeliness. If a subscriber signs-up in January for a newsletter and they don’t receive anything from you, your open rates aren’t likely to be high. Instead, try sending an automated reply “Thank you for subscribing” email, and/or a “Here’s what to expect” email soon (if not immediately) after they’ve subscribed.

Be human

The first thing recipients see when deciding whether or not to open an email is to determine if they have a personal connection with the sender. People like to communicate with people and spam filters are more likely to see an email from a company as advertising, which is more likely to end up getting deleted. If your emails look like they’re coming from a person they have a better chance of being opened.

Add some humor in your emails

Consider your tone of voice this time if you are still looking for ways on how to improve email open rates. When you compose friendly emails as if you are talking to your best friend, you create a more personal dialogue. Adding a bit of humor to the content will make your emails even more personalized and the reading experience more pleasurable.
So don’t panic to play around with words. Your readers will enjoy it and your open rates will rise.

Update your list

This is very important! Over time, some of the subscribers will stop reading and/or engaging with your emails. They may be uninterested or changed their emails. This will, of course, adversely affect your Open Rates.
Therefore, to increase your email open rate, periodically remove inactive users from your mailing list. This way, your email marketing strategies will focus only on those that comprehend and engage with your content.

At the end of the day though, these hacks are all taking the support of how the human brain works. And while that might be sufficient to capture your reader’s attention in 3–4 seconds, you are still a human and they are too. Your emails need to conquer that human quality of a personal email that can be felt by both the sender as well as the and recipient.
Be genuine.