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Introducing a FREE On-Page SEO extension for Chrome

Brand Beavers present Rank One SEO extension for Chrome, It is a free SEO Audit tool that helps you check on-page insightful information of your website or competitor’s website. This tool is very helpful to plan your actions to improve web page ranking. 

At the click of a button you can access essential metrics about a  webpage like metadata, link profile, keyword density, sitemap, image tags and it also creates robot.txt. Tool does a quick job while you are surfing the web page. This will not only save your time but also your energy and eventually it saves your money as it is completely FREE. Add Rank One Extension to your chrome now!

*Google Chrome Approved Extension*

Rank One is an ideal tool for

Quick on-page SEO audit

Competitors analysis

Find internal, external &

no-follow links

Schema & Heading analysis of any webpage.

Get list of images with missing ALT tags and real dimension of all images

Find most repetitive words on the webpage with keyword density. 

Check out Rank One in Action!

Watch a quick Rank One a FREE On-Page SEO extension walkthrough below

What Makes Rank One Different?

Here Are Few Big Benefits of Rank One

Overview Report

Get Most important stats right away on your website on this overview board. Everything you want to know all at one place.
Which includes:

  • Meta Title & Description
  • Canonical tags, Sitemap and robot.txt file link
  • Meta Robots, No of Image found on the page
  • Web Vitals, Language, H1 tags
  • No of links present in the page

Headings Check

Here you can see all the H1-H6 headline on the page according to their placement so that you can analysis page structure , make changes if you want on your website. You can also export /download heading report here.

Keyword density

Keyword density tab helps you understand and identify keyword placement and usage on your page by showing its count and density.
It's a great tool to keep your keyword density under check if your overdoing it.

HTTP Status

These status code tab helps you understand if browsers and servers are communicating properly.. Understanding status codes will help you to diagnose site errors quickly to minimise downtime on your site.

Link Audit

Get all the links information on the page i.e unique links, total number of links , internal , external and most importantly get list on broken link in an excel format with download option. You can also highlight no follow links in the tab in just one click with rank one.

Find Images with & Without ALT

In image section get number of image present and a bifurcation on how many have alt tags text also key feature is you can see the image location also with image itself which makes it easy to locate and rectify.

Check Schema Markup

If the Site has a scheme markup updates you will find it here .It shows the structured data type and entities analysis of the page. Which helps you do any improvement if needed so that its hep in online marketing your service by providing refine search by the search engine.

Generate Robots.txt File

Create your customised robot txt file with crawl guide and generate it. You can also download the file or recreate it.

About us & Quick Links

Get to know us more here and also get your hand on some really useful link for your quick access.

Whats make Rank One Unique and use full

  • Accurate results
  • It becomes your go to SEO guide
  • Can keep a check on your website health by not opening other audit report and console 
  • Allows you to take quick action by give you accurate position where the problem is 


Is the Rank One On page SEO extension free?

Yes, its absolutely free for all users. It will remain forever FREE.

How to Install Rank One: On page SEO extension?

Step 1: go to the Google Chrome Store page.
Step 2: Click ‘Add to Chrome’
Step 3: Click ‘Add extension’ in the pop-up that will appear in your browser.
Step 4: Pin the extension in your extensions bar

Is SEO Pro Extension available for Firefox?

Currently no but will be planning in near future.

Do you collect any personal information?

No we don't collect any personal information. However our extension fetch the data of webpage which you are visiting to show you result. But we don't store any of them.

Will you be adding some more features to rank one extension?

We are always looking to update the Rank One for better user experience, so if you have any suggestion or issues do reach us at [email protected]