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9 Reasons Why You Need a Mobile-Friendly Website in 2020

Did you know that over 3.5 billion people use a smartphone in the world today? It’s not entirely shocking considering everywhere you look everyone is on their smartphone.

Today it’s practically impossible to survive without a phone. In addition to answering emails, reading news and managing business, one can also control their home gadgets, monitor security devices and track workout. Our phones have become the centrefold of our life seamlessly joining our digital and physical world together.

Your website is a part of the mobile revolution and must also strive towards development.

But first, let learn what is the mobile-first index?

The mobile-first index is Google’s move to determine your rankings based on the indexing of your mobile site. Currently, all rankings are taken from the desktop version. The mobile-first index will take your mobile site first and you may well see an increase in Smartphone Googlebot crawls to your site. The lack of a mobile-friendly website is likely to count against you in terms of your ability to rank, as the focus is on delivering a better user experience to mobile users.

Here are 9 top reasons why you should have a mobile-friendly website for your business’ online presence. 

A consistent rise in mobile usage

Mobile usage is rising. Most people access websites via a smartphone instead of a laptop or a computer. If your website’s mobile experience is horrible, it will take the consumers to your competitors. 

Google favours mobile-friendly sites

Google has rolled out mobile-first indexing. This creates mobile responsiveness a must-have trait for every website. The algorithms examine the mobile-friendliness to determine the organic rankings of websites and web pages. This is why every business has to switch to responsive website designs to acquire sustainable Google rankings. 

Amazing user experience

Every business wishes to impress consumers and keep them engaged when they visit a website. A responsive website assures impressive user experience on all mobile devices. The design, layout, image, and all other elements take the frame of the screen size of the device used by a user. So, a single site becomes capable of serving the wanted user experience on desktop, laptop, smartphones, tablets, and other devices. 

Competitive speed

Google PageSpeed guidelines ask for a site to load within 2 seconds, but that won’t be possible if your website is not responsive. No user waits for more than 3 seconds for content to arrive on the screen. If your site takes longer than 3 seconds, you lose large traffic. This affects negatively your SEO rankings, traffic, conversion rate, and revenue. 

Improves social media opportunities

People largely use mobile devices to access their social media profiles. All the activities on social media involve a mobile device. A user can post content, like, share, and comment on a lot of stuff. All these activities present an opportunity to tap into the mobile-based social media community and win leads. You can’t build a successful social media marketing strategy without including mobile responsiveness in your plan. 

Economical online presence

A responsive website allows your web pages to automatically align with mobile device dimensions. Now, the technology of responsive website designing has gained a peak level of excellence. The design of a site, its development, and even maintenance cost has reduced to a great extent.

Higher conversion rate and sales

Mobile devices are all about ease of connectivity and communication. A user feels convenient to purchase a product, fill a contact form, subscribe to newsletters, or follow other CTAs via mobile devices. As a result, you can expect higher conversion rates and better sales opportunities as well. 

Makes your site future-ready

Every business, all over the world, has to strive towards improving functionalities with technology and trends. A mobile-friendly website is a foundational step you can take. The market will keep on growing with new smartphones, wearable devices, and other technologies. So, a mobile responsive website ensures the relevance of your online presence through all these market upgrades.

Offers a competitive edge

Many websites still dodge the domination of mobile devices in the internet world. You can leave those websites behind in terms of competition and gain a brand power in your industry.

So, now you have all the analyses on why your website should be mobile responsive. You can achieve mobile-friendliness by getting a responsive design or a template for your website. The mobile market is huge and it’s constantly expanding. Take this as a great opportunity to transform their online presence to scale up their business and achieve an unbeatable competitive advantage. If done properly vital KRAs like improved customer base, better top line and enhanced brand power will become easier to accomplish.