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Easy tips to Shoot a video by yourself

4 Easy Tips to Shoot A Video by Yourself

Learning how to film or shoot yourself alone doesn’t need to be a scary or intimidating process! It’s just a matter of knowing the steps or methods to take to make sure you get the best quality video you possibly can.

You should be well on your way to getting more comfortable and relax in front of the camera and producing high-quality on-screen videos! The more you do it, the easier and simple it will become. Soon enough, it will be second nature to set up your mini studio and shoot for yourself!

Things you need for shooting or filming

Great Camera 




Studio space


Editing software


The first question is, where do you shoot? While technically you could shoot or film anywhere your heart desires, there are a few thingsto note down:


One of the first things that you should think of when choosing a place or background to shoot is how the location appears on the camera. Second, plan the things the style of video that you’re trying to create and try to make sure the location or the background fits in with that vision.

If you’re doing something For example simple shoot like a sit-down vlog from home, your living room should do just fine. If you’re doing a corporate video for a business or for the brand, you’re probably going to want to come up with something more professional, like a workplace-like building.

If you have people moving around and talking in your backspace, it’s going to be difficult to capture good sound. Privacy also has the extra benefit of making you feel way more at ease and comfortable when you’re actually trying to deliver your lines. It’s a far easier and simple process when you don’t have to worry about how you look to the people around you! 

Set Up & Lighting

Place your camera in a position where you can have a good background of your preference, what you have decided and where there’s a good enough consistent light source throughout your shooting. And also place your camera around eye level instead of filming looking up or down at the camera.

If you have no lights available to you, you can create one through an opening window or add a focus light. Then bounce light off of a white sheet to help shape your scene a little bit more bright. and If you’re doing or create own any lights, try to black out the incoming light source from the sun as much as possible.

And make a point you don’t need fancy professional lights with you the lights in your home can work just as well if you’re prepared to put in a little effort with reflectors and a three-point lighting setup!


This is one of the most challenging things of shooting yourself in focus. There’s not much more frustrating than shooting a complete video and realizing afterwards that you were out of focus the whole of the time!

Use a Stand-in place something roughly as high as you in the position you intend to stand or sit. You can use anything will do a plant, a piece of furniture, or a light stand this works well.

Focus on the Stand-In object now, with the stand in place, go on the camera and focus on that object. Most cameras can either zoom in to check your focus point more accurately and specific or come with a form of focus peaking so that you can see when you’re tac sharp. and You can even do this is also a good moment to make sure that your camera’s auto-focus is turned off. You’ll want to turn this off just in case something happens during the shooting that would cause it to search around for a new point.


Try to push yourself up! You’re the only person in the room, and there’s no director or crew. In order to avoid sounding flat on camera, get hyped with your favourite track, take a lap around the room be relax, be or if all else fails, just shake it out and get loose.

If you have a good take, make a note! Since you’re the only person who is a video producer, that means you’re in charge of the edit, and other work too. Cover the lens with your hand after you feel like you got a good shot so you’ll know exactly where the best takes are in your edit.

Only record what you need. Don’t leave your camera to continue to roll from line to line. Do a few takes and shots in a row, then stop the clip. This will help when you’re knee-deep in the video editing process and it will make the video editing simple.

Take advantage of new technology around like for example remote recording. Many DSLRs have WiFi built-in and the ability to record remotely from an app or browser.

This is great and huge, especially for shooting alone. You get a preview of your shot or scene of what you have filmed and are able to quickly easy start and stop recording between takes. Check to see if your camera has a remote app, then download the app in it, and start remote recording! It will literally change your life and shooting game.