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Wedding Video Editing Services in India

Covering the best bits of your big day through artful editing

Creating comprehensive videos and capturing the essence of your wedding. We design and edit wedding videos by adding the flavor of modern and cinematic touch and assist you in coverage of marriages and events.

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At Brand Beavers, we provide professional wedding video editing services to you and your family for the special day. Our marriage video editing services are designed so that they help make your video look immersive. Our editing experts will duly pay special care and attention to bringing out the video in the most captivating way. We have got you covered with our customized pre-wedding video editing and focus on giving you a fantastic experience by shooting and delivering your special moments on time. We will help you to produce your final clip that will be admired by the newlyweds, families, and friends in the years to come.

With us, your footage is transformed into eternal musings

Before Wedding Video

Wedding Invitation Video

Everyone wishes to have a beautiful and unique invitation for their wedding day. With our wedding invitation video, we can make your video look stunning and different from usual. Since you will set out on another period of life, you need to pick the best solicitations for your memorable day. These recordings catch the embodiment of your relationship and save you from stuffing envelopes and conveying them to everybody. You can decide to alter a current video layout for your wedding greeting video or get a customized video made with us. The process is straightforward- Choose from templates, share details, receive the draft and send the final one to your guests.

Pre-Wedding Video Editing

A pre-wedding shoot has now become more of a prerequisite for all weddings among millennial couples. A lot of effort goes into planning and executing a dreamy and perfect pre-wedding shoot, followed by capturing the precious moments on camera and then formatting them into videos. With Brand Beavers, you get an eye and talent for storytelling. Your tales are fantasized just the way you understand those beautiful moments and relationships. We make it extra unique by bringing the charm to the feeling of kindness towards each other and adding up your favorite lines, quotes, music, and everything written over your list. We can also help you with captions, animations in the video to create amazement among you and the viewers.

What We Offer

The steps are very simple! And obviously, we are there to make you understand.

1. Slow-motion

Slow-motion gives an added touch to the video by embracing every detail of the moments. The slow-motion feature takes in the ambiance and beauty of the frame. We make this feeling filled with emotions through our services. We will demonstrate the beauty of such moments and work beautifully with scenic shots via tripods and drones.

2. Culling

Culling means cutting out and selecting the best ones from the shot. We channel and sort the shoot with our standard event categories like Getting Dressed, Bride and Groom, Guys, Gals, Reception, Ceremony, Formals, Reception, Toasts, Traditional Dances, Cake Cutting, Bouquet and Garter, Details and Tables, and Candid.

3. One min wedding trailer

Trailers are perfect for sharing on social media, and getting people excited about seeing your wedding film. We create wedding trailers for couples who love to offer a sneak pinnacle of their essential days to their loved ones. With a solid framework and rapid web association, downloading the wedding trailer is never a test at our end; in this manner, we make the whole interaction smooth, simple with a fast turnaround time.

4. Highlight Film / Cinematic Film

As an experienced wedding editing company, we also take pride in creating highlight films. We center around the feeling by recounting a story that takes the viewer on a journey. We promise that your wedding highlight film will be polished and dominated as per you. The editor will winnow through the recording to track down the most convincing, narrating film and afterward alter it together to make the best and most passionate movies for your day.

5. Ceremony Video Edit

The ceremony will cover everything- from your father holding hands to or bride goofing her dress. We will include your special guest and dear ones by capturing reactions. We believe that through our ceremony edits, your wedding memories will be complete. You can customize it as to what ceremonies, moments or captures to include in the video, and we will do it for you.

6. Speeches Edit

Speeches edit is an added advantage to the package and bundle of services. If you have something unique to say, raise the toast to the bride or groom, especially the friends, we can make it for you. We can edit your speech to leave a flabbergasting impact on the people around you. All your wishes, memories will have a separate room to express with us.

7. Cultural Ceremonies

With the diversity of tradition, religion, and culture, capturing the nuances of beauty that make the wedding unique is essential. We will make it more special for you from special tea ceremonies, Sehra Bandhani, or sharing promises in the mandap. We realize how to respect the social practices of the day while making a story that shares them.

8. Re-edit Existing Videos

After a while, your videos can look a bit rusty and outdated but don't worry. We can take your old footage and re-edit it into something fresh and out-of-the-box. We can also make your video customized by following your requirements. With our services, we can make your sadi video the way you wanted in the first place.

Anniversary Video Editing

How about creating a video for your partner on your anniversary day? Creating incredible and enthusiastic videos out of your memories is the best thing we do.  You just need to start choosing those memories and line them up alongside any music thoughts that you wish to add. You can add special moments describing your journey from start, to having kids, visiting places, achievements and so on.  You can even highlight these photographs by utilizing great music subjects and titles for each gathering. 

Bring your photographs, videos, and music thoughts to us, and we'll wrap up. With the help of photograph montages or old videos, we tend to rejuvenate your valuable recollections. The combination of pictures and music makes a highly enthusiastic completed item. You can be guaranteed that this video will be a top pick and one that will be appreciated for quite a long time to come.

We add the extra zing to your videos by giving you a one-stop place to meet all your needs with professional wedding video editing services.

For Photographers  & Videographers

Outsource Wedding Video Editing

At Brand Beavers, our team of video editors are equipped enough to take over your responsibility of editing the wedding videos for you. What if you are not having the bandwidth, or you are stuck with work, feel free to pass on the work to us and we will get it done for you.Our outsourcing services include everything from culling to trailers or from documentaries to highlight films laid as per your requirements. Regardless of the style and form of your video, we will make it look flawless and will give the result satisfying your investment. We take special care of your specifications and take pride in delivering best as per your expectations. If you also need to get your editing done, let us know and we will connect with you along with our procedures and process.

Wedding Video Editing Prices

Our pricing system is simple and accessible based on the packages you are willing to opt for. Whether you are looking for a complete package or selecting a combination from our basket full of services, we can make it personalized and customized for you!


1 Minute Highlight Reel

5 Minute Highlight Reel

8 Minute Highlight Reel

10 Minute Highlight Reel

20 Minute Highlight Reel


45 Minute Feature Video

60 Minute Feature Video

75 Minute Feature Video

90 Minute Feature Video

120 Minute Feature Video


5 Minute Hightlight
+ Ceremony & Speeches

10 Minute Hightlight
+ Ceremony & Speeches

15 Minute Highlight
+ Ceremony & Speeches

5 Minute + 1 Minute
+ Ceremony & Speeches

10 Minute + 1 Minute
+ Ceremony & Speeches

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Frequently Asked Questions 

All your questions are answered in one place as we want our clients to know everything beforehand:)

What are the tools used for editing videos?

We use Premiere Pro as our main application to edit videos alongside After Effect, Final Cut, and Edius Pro

How can I send the footage to you?

As mentioned in the working steps, you drop in your footage in dropbox. Dropbox will enable it to support large-size images. Alternate uploads include Google Drive and One Drive.

What's the length of the average wedding video?

The average length of a wedding video depends on the duration of the raw footage and the client's demand for the final product length. Usually, most wedding videos are 5-10 minutes highlights. A short film can be 7-10 minutes long. On the other hand, a documentary wedding film should be 60-90 minutes long, while a cinematic-style video can go up to 60-120 minutes.

Will multiple people see and work on my video?

Although we have a team of editors, only one person will edit your video. In this way, you can be sure that there is consistency and a flow to your videos from beginning to end.

Can your video editing services improve the quality of my video?

Yes, we can digitally enhance your video to adjust color, brightness, and contrast by using special software tools.

What if I am not happy with the editing?

Well, we are known to deliver a perfect video after a maximum of one edit—still, No worries. You can send your suggestion/feedback or reviews, which will get done for you with up to three modifications without any charge.

How will you be able to match my style?

After you are onboarded with us, our experts will get in touch with you to understand your taste, style, and preferences. Since we are known to have delivered as per the expectations laid by the client, we are sure that we will be able to serve you well.

Can you explain the part on Flexible Payments?

Yes, we work on a 50:50 payment basis, i.e., 50% Advance and 50 % after the final and edited video. In a few videos where the work is significant, we charge 100% advance, depending on the projects. We accept payments online through NEFT, Bank Transfer, Gpay, and Paypal.

How do Public Holidays and special occasions affect my turnaround time?

It may affect the turnaround time of 2-3 business days due to the commitments by our end. We shall inform you a week in advance such that you know well. If there is a special occasion, you need to drop in at least 15 days early due to voluminous work and deliveries.

How long does it take to edit videos?

Usually, it takes a minimum of one week to fifteen days subjected to the type of video,

  • If, wanting a wedding film, then its seven business days
  • If, wanting documentary film, then its two working days
  • If hiring a full-time videographer, then its 3-4 months after the wedding date