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successful youtube videos

Here are 14 elements to look for when creating a successful YouTube videos

YouTube was officially founded on February 14th, in the year 2005. The first video followed on April 23rd, with Founder Jawed Karim publishing “Me at the zoo”. The now-legendary 18 seconds of the film or you can say video has been viewed over 126 million times.

The platform has come a long way with over 2 billion monthly active users. In fact, nearly 43% of all global internet users access YouTube every single month.

We’ve compiled this guide to highlight what will amplify your brand’s message through YouTube videos and how to create successful Youtube videos through this process.

14 elements to watch out to to create successful YouTube videos:

1) Brand introduction footage

The importance of branding in marketing can never be enough. Branding helps build loyalty to your business. Including branded introduction in your Youtube video helps your loyal viewers to immediately recognize your work, and the service you offer so they’ll stick with you and keep watching. Such branding is important for ensuring that your viewers remember the Youtube video, which is especially handy when they need to refer to it.

Even though they might forget the main video content and the name of the video, remembering your branded footage will help direct your viewers to your Youtube channel.

2) Build a professional Identity

A YouTube brand account should look professional and appealing to your audience. For example, your youtube channel icon can be your brand logo, and the banner image could be something that complements your brand or the service you provide. In the “About” section, add a brief description of the brand and don’t forget to add relevant information and keywords.

3) An attention-grabbing introduction

Did you know that about 20% of people will leave after the first 10 seconds of your YouTube video? So It is all about the introduction which should convince the viewer to keep watching. 

Clearly explaining what they are about to see, how that is of help them and Whats content is available is important. If your video includes how to solve a problem, personalize it so that they feel that you have also been affected by their issues. This builds trust in your viewer's mind.

4) Keep main titles & opening credits short

As you know that getting attention spans are incredibly short. Nothing is worse than viewers will lose their interest at beginning of the video. That long opener will discourage binge-watching as well and who loves to watch that same long opener over and over again?

YouTube viewers will watch the entire video which gets completed under one minute when it’s under one minute. Create videos with opening credits short that revolve around a specific topic or keyword related to your industry/brand/product/service. You can check the “Trending” section on YouTube or use Google Trends to know more about what people are watching and searching online.

5) Add trending topics to your video content

Using trending topics is the best way to successful link-building and you can also be applied to your video content. Think about seasonal, social, newsworthy, local, and unique, movies, gaming, music, etc. Google Trends and even Twitter Trends are also good resources to discover trending topics to tie into your video content.

6) Background Music

Is background music important? The answer is yes. There’s nothing more boring than a dull YouTube video with good background music. 

Background music not only grabs attention instantly but holds and sets the mood for the viewing session, establishing an emotional connection with them. Add a great soundtrack to your Youtube Video Editing process gives viewers one more reason to share the video.

7) Add a personal touch

Viewers prefer connecting with brands on a more personal level. Most popular YouTubers have their gestures, phrases, or even personal introduction songs that give them a unique identity to recognise sometimes. Even for your brand's Youtube videos, you can incorporate such elements to build a deeper connection with the viewers.

8) Add your experiences

Using your personal experience will help you to grab more viewers. Give people what they want. This can take many forms. Consider establishing a connection between events going live on the Youtube channel or making exciting blogs about big moments in pop culture, politics, sports, tech, and more.

9) A Call To Action

As you know YouTube viewers have a short span of time. After all, there is too much content to watch in one day. Consequently, you need to be creative about how you include your call to action because your viewer will increasingly disappear over time from your video.

Engagement is important for between two and three minutes. This means you should not place your CTA at the end, and that is very important for longer videos.

10) Add end screens

While end screens can only be added to the last 20 seconds of a video, these helpful graphics can be used to link out to everything from promoting your other Videos, Channels, Website URL, and YouTube channel, or prompt a watcher to subscribe to your channel. When creating a Youtube video, its an important to make sure you leave the room, as the video ends, to add your end screen.

11) Design Video Thumbnails

Another very critical aspect of successful youtube videos is using powerful thumbnails. When viewer searches for anything on YouTube, the results are presented in the form of thumbnails. 

If your thumbnails are appealing, and it should flexible according to users'  for example smart phones, tablets or Pc screens the chances of more people watching your video will be higher. Of all the videos in this thumbnail, the list has the greatest potential to make or break your YouTube success. 

Suggested videos tend to be the leading great source of organic traffic on YouTube channels. Thumbnails that drive clicks are more possibility to feed the algorithm resulting in more clicks and so on.

12) Build A “Guest Slot”

The most common example of a “guest slot” is an interview or you can say a chance for other YouTubers. Collaborating with other creators who already have viewers is a great way to build your own as it offers exposure to a viewer that may otherwise never hear of your brand.

Look for creators that are already in your niche or who service an audience with similar interests in your content. Social Blade is a tool that can help you find channels serving similar demographics and sizes of audiences. 

Be sure to feature your guest in a positive light and prominently so they’ll be more possibility to cross-promote the video.

13) Give your viewer a chance to participate

It might seem odd if you’re not streaming live, but soliciting your viewer to participate has its good advantages. For example, they will feel personally involved in the video, and you can get more subscribers to your video channel. 

14) Share Videos on Social Platforms

You should not limit your videos only to Youtube you should also share your videos on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook, as YouTube prioritizes external traffic. Your videos will rank higher on YouTube if they regularly get a consistent stream of viewers from other platforms.


Creating quality Youtube video content is one part of effectively using YouTube for brand promotions. The videos should also be optimized to ensure that they rank higher and reach the right viewers. Most leading brands hire the services of a digital marketing company for YouTube channels.

Apart from boosting your popularity on YouTube, you can also improve your search rankings and bring relevant traffic to your website as well.


What are the 5 qualities of a good YouTube video?

  • Helpful. 

  • Short. 

  • High-Quality. 

  • Well-Edited. 

  • Understandable.

Do replays count as views on YouTube?

Of course Yes, but only if the replays seem natural. If you replay a video once, it will count as a view on Youtube. 

What skills do I need to be a YouTuber?

To become a YouTuber, you will need Some knowledge about video editing, organisational skills, patience, the ability to keep people engaged and knowing how to deal with negative comments.