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Create high-level of brand awareness & attract leads that convert more!!!

At Brand Beavers, PPC services are made to help you find your customers to grow your business. Expertise to narrow down the targeting and optimizing ads for your targeted audience, so that you always remain visible to them, attract more, spend less and convert more.

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PPC Service Provider in Mumbai, India: Brand Beavers

There is a misconception that Pay per click is very costly and this thing keeps them away from PPC. It is true that if you don’t have knowledge of money management then you will end up with a lot of spending going to waste or you will get zero ROI. At Brand Beavers, we are experts in media planning, keyword research, optimizing PPC Ads, A/B testing, Conversion rate optimisation & retargeting.

Our PPC services help small to large enterprises from across the world with paid campaign management to widen their business reach and profitability. As one of the top PPC management companies in India, we help brands reach greater heights with our PPC services.

With Pay Per Click Services, you can

  • Attract a highly targeted audience who can instantly become a customer
  • Increase Website traffic by making ads more visible
  • Connect with your local audience
  • Rank on top of competitors' keywords
  • Attract more qualified leads & increase sales
  • Boost brand recognition & brand recall
  • Test your business idea, new product or service with A/B testing

Content builds relationships. Relationship are built on trust. Trust drives revenue

Here’s how PPC service can make 
BUSINESS run smoother

There are thousands of reasons for this, but these are the ones that truly matter! 

Fixed turnaround time

Pay only when your ads are clicked

One of the main benefits of Pay per Click marketing is that you only pay when your ads are clicked. You are running a campaign on any platform for a specific targeted audience to see the ad, and you only pay when they click on it. With this,You can save a lot of money and get a high return on investment.

Application of artistic sense


As the PPC user, you have complete control over how much you spend on each campaign. In this way, you can set daily and monthly budgets and not go over them.

Customized editing support

Targeted Audience

While doing PPC marketing Brand Beavers do it with planning and show ads where it is required. At Brand Beavers, we create a funnel and do targeting at the microscopic level.

Undiminished quality

Fast and consistent traffic

PPC is the fastest platform to run ads and get instant traffic. A new website (Startups) that is striving to gain exposure and visibility can greatly benefit from ppc ads.

Unparalleled customer experience

Quick Results with higher ROI

PPC ensures faster results. Also, what is most important for any client? ROI. And there we come in as Brand Beavers since we call ourselves an ROI Company. We plan in such a way that ROI for any client is as per the companies’ vision and meets goals.

10X higher engagement than regular ad formats

Professional Tools for Your Business

pay per click advertising services
1. Google Adwords :

Test, Test, Test and let the best win. Google Adwords lets you get faster results than SEO. It enables retargeting which is a highly advanced marketing strategy. With the help of research and bids, Brand Beavers brings the best results.

pay per click campaign management services
2. Keyword Planner:

““Keywords” in the name itself keyword is a chief feature of the Pay Per Click. Using the right keywords Brand Beavers increase the traffic of the selected audience.

Keyword planner includes following terms:
• Discover new keywords• Research keywords• Get bid estimates• Make your plan

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