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Create high-level of brand awareness & attract leads that convert more!!!

At Brand Beavers, PPC services are made to help you find your customers to grow your business. Expertise to narrow down the targeting and optimizing ads for your targeted audience, so that you always remain visible to them, attract more, spend less and convert more.

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PPC Agency: Brand Beavers

Brand Beavers is a leading Pay-Per-Click Services Provider in Mumbai that aims to escalate clients' digital revenue by practicing paid campaign management and strategies. Our PPC services are targeted to all types of enterprises worldwide that have benefited from our paid campaign management in widening their business reach and hitting fortune.

There is a misconception that Pay per click is very costly and this thing keeps them away from PPC. It is true that if you don’t have knowledge of money management then you will end up with a lot of spending going to waste or you will get zero ROI. At Brand Beavers, we are experts in media planning, keyword research, optimizing PPC Ads, A/B testing, Conversion rate optimisation & retargeting.

Our PPC services help small to large enterprises from across the world with paid campaign management to widen their business reach and profitability. As one of the top PPC management companies in India, we help brands reach greater heights with our PPC services.

With Pay Per Click Services, you can

  • Attract a highly targeted audience who can instantly become a customer
  • Increase Website traffic by making ads more visible
  • Connect with your local audience
  • Rank on top of competitors' keywords
  • Attract more qualified leads & increase sales
  • Boost brand recognition & brand recall
  • Test your business idea, new product or service with A/B testing

Ready to create a booming marketing campaign for the transformational growth of your business

Leverage PPC Ads to ramp up your Digital Marketing Efforts

Choose and launch the best profitable campaign for your audience segments!

  • Search Ads

  • Display Ads

  • Re-marketing Ads

  • Shopping Ads

  • GSP

Search Ads

Suitable for short sale cycles, Search Ads are the most common form of paid search marketing. Search Ads also best suit the brands looking for one-time campaign promotions to acquire strong and high-quality leads from existing customers. We can help you match your campaign budget by displaying ads to the prospects who are already searching for brand offerings online.

Our Basket of PPC Marketing services for Your Business

Extensive PPC Audit

Our PPC Marketing Services ensure that your campaign meets your expectations and complies with the industry regulations. Our highly-efficient team of paid search analysts digs deeper into audits to determine the probable issues and adjust strategies based on the campaign. In addition, they will also evaluate your KPIs, accounting structure, and remarketing techniques best suitable for your campaign.

Keyword Research & Analysis

We understand your customer search behavior and predict which keywords they will likely type into the search box. Our PPC services use infinite tools to identify the write targeted keywords categorized based on the industry, search volume, and competitiveness. Based on your preferences, we will also take care to refine the keyword list as per time search that you can capture your audience's interest and search intent

Landing page optimization

Every client looks out to increase the quantity and quality of the leads. You can intersect your demand with our PPC services specially designed for landing page conversion with us. From creating strong headlines to crafting engaging content and placing clear CTAs, our copywriters leave no stone unturned in making compelling copies for your landing page. The integration of SEO with our PPC best practices triggers the desire of online users to take the desired action.

PPC Account Management

Share all your marketing and advertising stress by partnering with us. Our pay-per-click management team will take care of all the services from start to end without any hassle. We have got you covered from pre-launch services like keyword research, analysis, channel strategy to PPC campaign launch and post-monitoring activities.
We will also recommend the best converting campaigns that fit your budget.

Paid Search Advertising

Position your brand among the top of the search results by signing up your advertising requirements with us. Our dedicated team of paid ads specialists optimize ad targeting strategies, determine targeted keywords, and foster a PPC-building approach to track the ROI. It will help you generate revenues and improve our CTR, quality rate, and impression share.
Therefore, it becomes a Win-Win situation for the client and us.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Captivate your targeted group at the right time, on the right platform at the right stage of the sales funnel. Our PPC marketing agency creates persuasive PPC ads, examines the landing page designs, and fosters user-friendly lead captures to boost the quality score and conversion rates. We also provide you with assistance to expand your profit margin without spending too much on ads.

Social Media Advertising

With over 54% of online users being highly active on social media platforms, investing in social media PPC advertising is a must. You do not need to worry about your brand position with our collaboration. We are here to serve you with the best prices such that you can stay at the top of your mind with your prospects. Our team of social media specialists will take you along to determine your target audience, analyze the behavior, and utilize different mediums like images, videos, and text to improve reach and engagement.

Remarketing campaigns

Our PPC marketing agency identifies the top-performing campaigns and, based on that, creates remarketing Ads for your high-value end customers. We help you to make a cross-connection between you and visitors who have already expressed their purchase intent. To make your PPC ads appear to different groups, we will set the optimal frequency cap for your remarketing campaigns and reduce your marketing expenses to bring out cost-effective results.

YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads provides you with the platform to share your unique stories that can resonate with your target audience. Our PPC agency holds expertise in creating memorable YouTube ads through a targeted video marketing approach. Our services are also inclusive of setting up video remarketing campaigns and including elements of surprise in the in-stream ads and provide you with the advantage to connect with potential clients.

Ads A/B Split Testing

Before setting up your campaign in action, our agency ensures to test the effectiveness of your ads and compare with different variations of your page elements. Based on that, we determine the correct PPC ads version to generate rapid results and guide you to optimize your next paid search campaign in improving the overall PPC performance. We take pride in 100% transparent conversation with our clients before making the final decision.

Reporting PPC Performance

We keep you informed and up-to-date about your campaign progress at frequent intervals or as you demand. As a committed PPC services provider, we offer customized campaign reports that cover Google Analytics results and keyword rankings. We help you create a road map and Access to the client dashboard such that you can also monitor your campaign on your own.

Invest with our PPC marketing services and transfigure your brand in boosting visibility and conversion opportunities.

Hire a Dedicated
Pay-Per-click Specialist

Get a ppc expert who works exclusively on your campaigns

Hire dedicated PPC experts from Brand Beavers to exclusively set up high-quality marketing campaigns and optimize your website traffic to boost conversion rates. Our PPC Specialists handle the linguistic research, leverage analysis in tweaking marketing campaigns, and align with the best advertising medium to generate maximum returns. Our trained and experienced specialist understands the anatomy of the search engines and advertisements and will judiciously monitor all the if/else conditions and provide you with comparative analysis search based on industry and requirements.

With a success rate of 99%, our experts will go along the way to bring you quantifiable results such that it becomes the worth of every dollar spent on your budget. This is how we make your every search and engagement count!

Hire Pay-Per-click Specialist

PPC Services for Amazon & Social media

Amazon PPC Ads

Amazon PPC Ads

As the name sounds, Amazon PPC ads allow the Amazon sellers to generate brand awareness, drive store visits and increase sales by placing the sponsored Ads on the platform key locations. Our PPC technical experts will take you through the process to organize your campaign that will jumpstart your revenue growth. 

Social Ads

Social Ads

Social media advertising on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter is now considered the fastest-growing segment of PPC services. Social ads come into the picture where the brands have an active social presence and targeted customers actively engage with them. The ads map how to reach the prospects based on their preferences, interests, hobbies, and networks that intrigue them to take action.

Convert more with our paid campaigns

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure that my target market will click on the Online PPC Ads?

The PPC will appear in the search results of your targeted audience, who are already ready to make a decision. By clicking on the paid ads, the users showcase the tendency to buy the product or services from your brand. The PPC Ads will be targeted to the online users searching for your specific type of business requirements. As a result, it will connect the target market's needs with the PPC Ads, significantly impacting the bottom line.

What are the specific tools and solutions you use for your services?

Our team uses in-house and high-end tools to provide the best cutting-edge solutions. From tracking competitor spending to optimizing budgets and bidding procedures, we take pride in the first ring and delivering the best solutions to achieve the maximum ROI.

By when can I expect an increase in sales?

PPC can bring you spontaneous results in generating leads and conversions for a brand. However, we take a run time of 3 months to test the PPC Ads performance and based on that, we monitor the spending and tweet them for the best ROI for your campaign.

What are your business hours?

Our business hours are 10am to 6pm IST Monday to Friday. We are located in Mumbai,India and follow all major Indian Holidays.If you have any questions about specific office holidays feel free to contact us. 

What are your sources of paid ads platforms to execute the marketing campaigns?

We use Google and Bing to execute the PPC campaigns as Google constitutes 96% of search traffic, and the remaining 4% is for Bing.

Can you give me a rough idea about the PPC campaign cost?

The cost of running a PPC at a campaign varies differently based on your industry, business type, and business size. The pricing of the PPC campaign depends upon the kind of strategy, objectives, and variation that we will look forward to rolling out.
You can connect with our team member, who will guide you to fit your budget requirements, for more details.

Do I need to commit to a contract?

No, you can cancel your plan at any time.

24x7 email support?

Yes, we provide 24-hour email support. You can get the answers, even at night. If you have any issues by using our service or any questions, please email us at, one of our customer team will respond as fast as possible.