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Take advantage of the guest post opportunity by writing valuable and useful content.

Our Guidelines for guest posting

If you're reading this page we're assuming that you're looking to write an article on Brand Beavers. Brand Beavers's blog . We are open to guest posts and you have the possibility of becoming an ongoing contributor for the website's blog. 

Take advantage of the guest post opportunity by writing valuable and useful content. 

Our primary goal is to deliver quality content. Read the content contribution guidelines carefully and become a guest author at Brand Beavers. We accept guest posts from authors who write for us regularly and whose articles are published on our sites. 

Brand Beavers has high domain authority which is 23+. and website receives approximately 77.1K impressions in a month. 

To maintain a high standard of quality control since we value our readers, we have decided to require that all submissions be reviewed by someone in the company before they are posted. This helps ensure that only high-quality content makes it through the process. Our readers need to read blog posts that provide insights on how technology, social media, search engines, programming, Video editing, Content marketing, Trends of online marketing, and processes can benefit them.

We love receiving high-quality, relevant content that our audience will find valuable. If you're able to write on topics that resonate with them, we would be more than happy to publish your work on our blog. By doing so, we believe that it will open up many marketing opportunities and lead to success for everyone involved.

The blog we have created is an expression of our efforts, and Brand Beavers's ethos to deliver the best information that educates users in the most effective manner. Follow the steps below for a better idea of the kind of content we're planning to create. Get in touch!

What we are looking for

Brand Beavers is about building an effective marketing and development business in India and offering services across the world. The blog is a resource for best practices in content writing, development and marketing strategies and gives our users the chance to increase their online presence. 

Currently, we're looking for guest blog posts that are original, high quality, and relevant. 

Our audience has enjoyed the following guest posts:

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- Video Marketing Strategy for Business Development in 2022

- Shopify Vs WooCommerce Which is the Best Online Store for You?

There is significant value for the reader in these blog posts, as you can see by their fresh, original content.

Our Audience

We write to aid individuals and thank them with current, useful and relevant information. We aim to reach a wide audience to inform them about Brand Beavers's outstanding services. Through our blog posts we have been able to provide our clients in a variety of ways. technical and non-technical content that covers diverse areas. When writing for us, make sure we keep our readers in mind before writing.

Link Policy Link Policy

We're pleased to hyperlink back to our authors' personal sites and LinkedIn profiles. We also welcome the internal links we can provide to our articles.

Style and Formatting Tips

Our writers are asked to submit original and unique articles for the Brand Beavers blog. After we've published your blog post, you're allowed to share and share the link to our blog in your Facebook, Twitter and other social networking pages or personal websites. We encourage this!
After you've received the topic approval and would like to write to this blog Please keep these guidelines in your head:

  • Be precise in the words you choose to use (short sentences are great)
  • Break up text using headings
  • Include bullet points
  • The average posts range from 2000 to 3,500 words & Minimum length: 2000 words
  • Use Google Docs to share your article. Please set the font to Arial, 12pt.
  • Use proper images(like Info-graphics,Facts,Graph or Stats) and Videos etc.
  • The article should be pertinent to the topics of our website. The topics should relate with Inbound Marketing, HubSpot, Explainer Videos Web Designing and Development.
  • We reserve the right to take down any links included.
  • Links that are not relevant are deleted. Do not keyword stuffing or duplicate content on other sites.
  • All facts should be linked to a proper and credible source
  • Brand links: Up to one 1 dofollow and 1 no-follow links to your brand/product pages allowed

If we find you're in violation of any of the rules above We will take a strict action implemented, including the removal of all your back links from

How to Submit & What happens Next?

Step 1

If you'd like to contribute to the blog of Brand Beavers, please email your ideas for topics to us at [email protected] also include an overview of the topic that the blog post will cover.

Step 2

Once we receive the Topics along with Overview, we will review them. You will be notified via email if your topics is approved or not. If it is approved further instructions will be shared over email. After that you can start writing your guest post and submit it to the same email id [email protected]