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Leading website maintenance service provider In India

Get experts to surveillance your website

We are a website maintenance company to assist businesses with keeping up their security on the web. Brand Beavers clients get exclusive access to various services from updating images, content to staying up to latest. An agency you can trust for your all Website AMC services in Mumbai, India!

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Brand Beavers

Leading Website Maintenance Company in India

Our years of experience and expertise in website maintenance make our service experience different from others. We have a team of professionals that takes the responsibility for every issue to maintain your website smoothly so that you can focus on your business. 

Our client-centric approach has helped us to win 150+ clients' trust for website maintenance services. 24/7 support and budget-friendly prices make us unique. To assist you in maintaining the website updated, we provide 3 types of packages to ensure all of the services you require to get fulfilled. Annual Website Maintenance packages ensure that your site is always current and your project stays within the budget. Learn more about website maintenance packages.

Website Maintenance Company Mumbai
Website Maintenance Company In India

Why should you update website very often?

Handling your website responsibilities to professionals allows you to save your time, eases your work functionality, and keeps you updated.

Hype SEO Ranking

In ranking your website SEO plays a vital role. According to the relevance of your website related with customers search it determines where on search engineS your website should be available. Keeping your website content fresh and up-to-date has a higher possibility of ranking in search results. Updated websites communicate better with their audiences.

Enhanced User Experience

Living in the digital era makes your online presence more important. It’s important to maintain an offline and online presence parallel. Professional website maintenance can help to build a strong online presence.

Website Security

Website maintenance services help to keep your site safe and secure. As the percentage of people using online facilities and functionalities has increased the stress of security becomes crucial. To maintain a site’s security one of the major ways is by keeping it up-to-date. Maintaining security helps you keep all your information safe from hackers, keep your customer's trust and boost SEO ranking.

Online Presence

Would you like to stay on a website that is difficult to understand? Definitely no, thus expecting your customers to stay is not right if it’s not user-friendly. Here comes the importance of website maintenance services that improve your website's user experience and engagement of users to stay longer.

Maintain Website Speed

Keeping your website only user-friendly doesn’t go well if website speed is not fast. Improving the load speed of your website results in good SEO ranking and optimize elements of the site due to which the website might function slow. Apart from all the above-mentioned points one of the best pros of site maintenance is that it builds the trust of your audience and creates an effect on your brand awareness as well. It creates the right up-to-date impression of your business & website. Also, builds a good influence on organisations and customers and their purchase.

Here is how we help you to maintain your Website

Website Surveillance

Use this section to describe the most important benefit of your product and make sure to describe it in such a way that it's clear who the ideal customer or user for this product is.

Programming and Security Maintenance

Web Programming and Security Maintenance

Surveillance and plugin maintenance of website has become an integral aspect of online visibility. Keeping your website programming up-to-date and survey on regular basis to keep it error-free, fast, secure, and stable.

  • Programming and Plugin Updates.
  • Periodically Security Survey.
  • Periodically Offsite Cloud Backups.
24 7 Website Surveillance

24/7 Website Surveillance

Surveillance by monitoring your website and software maintenance of website has become an integral aspect of online visibility. Keeping your website programming up-to-date and survey on regular basis to keep it error-free, fast, secure, and stable.

  • Continuous Malware Scanning
  • Uptime Surveillance
Periodic Website Performance Report

Periodic Website Performance Report

This periodic website report will keep you aware of your website software activities, the functionality of your server, and user traffic.

  • Continuous Malware Scanning
  • Uptime Surveillance
Website AMC Services

Website Repair

Online platforms are evolving rapidly and you need to keep them updated. We understand your security concerns and help you to protect your website when you are not able to pay more heed to it every time. Keeping it updated is one of the best ways to resist any attack.

  • Continuous Malware Scanning
  • Uptime Surveillance

2. Website Migration Services

Website Migration Services

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Comprehensive Website Migration : 

Migration need to be handled with utmost care. All the programs, applications, software are copied and re-installed properly.

  • Software
  • Files and Code
  • Domain Migration
  • Database
  • Content
  • E-Commerce

Website Alteration/Updates:

During this process keep your sites running. After coping with all your data, switch to Domain Name System (DNS) to transfer traffic from the old one to the new. The best time for this change is during low usage or low traffic or midnight hours.

Website Update and monitor

3. Website Upgradation Services

Keep your website upgraded and running

Keep your website upgraded and running

Changing technologies need updates frequently. Similarly, your websites need to update with technologies time-to-time to maintain the security and performance of your website. Not staying updated with the tech updates might threaten your website security.

Protect your website from attack

Protect your website from attack

Updating website software’s on-time saves your website from hackers or attackers. Website program updates regularly reduce the chances of security threats. Not accepting these updates is an open invitation to hackers or any type of viruses or malware.

Maximize your speed and performance

Maximize your speed and performance

For your visitors, nothing matters more than their onsite experience. Make sure your website is updated with the latest applications that maximize your site's speed and performance. This would help you to maintain your customer consistency and SEO.

Take advantage of the latest features

Take advantage of the latest features

Stay updated with your current technology as it enhances the functioning of your website. Use a better operating system, SEO, content, and several other tools to be on top ranking and trustworthy websites. 


Website maintenance services in Mumbai

Step 1 : Our experts analyze your website and take heed to issues related to security or programming and take required action or update your plugins if workable.

Step 2 : Before transferring your website our professionals assess data fidelity and make sure all your data is imitated and installed properly. Transferring data is one of the most time-consuming part of it.

Step 3 : Next step is to test the transferred data and make sure everything is migrated properly as expected. Reviewing data is a time-consuming task but it's better to review it at that moment properly instead of discovering it later.

Step 4 : It’s time to change DNS and live your website. Our professionals update your website during midnight or low traffic hours for the change.

Our Website Maintenance Plans

Services Basic (STARTUP ) Professional (SMB) Premium (Large enterprise)
Updating/ Editing Service Request (Monthly) 1 2 3
Check Page Load Time Yes Yes Yes
Check all inquiry form is working Yes Yes Yes
Scan website and resolve any malicious file issue Yes Yes Yes
Take complete backup Yes Yes Yes
Website Performance Checking No Yes Yes
Monthly website Traffic Report No Yes Yes
Broken Link Check & Correct No Yes Yes
Add New Pages (Monthly) No No Yes
Assistance with domain transfer or DNS changes No Yes Yes
Blog update No No 2 Blogs
Fixing CSS Coding No Yes Yes
Trouble Shooting DB Error No Yes Yes
Google Analytics & Web Console is Setup No Yes Yes
Backup Downloadable Link No No Yes
Monthly Activitiy Report Yes Yes Yes
Price per month 1,200 2,500 4,000

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