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Digital Marketing Myths

Digital Marketing Myths to Stop Believing in 2022

Digital marketing is nothing new. Digital marketing is very important for every brand to stay in this virtual market. Now more than ever, business owners need to be able to generate more audience that actually drives sales. If you’re new to digital marketing, however, it can be challenging to be informative online and figure out what’s actually going to work for you.

Here are some most common myths about digital marketing

Myth #1 Digital marketing is only for big businesses.

Many small-to-midsize businesses (SMBs) don't take digital marketing seriously because they think it’s something only big businesses can do who have a huge budget.

Whether you have one employee or one thousand, the size of your management doesn’t impact whether you can use digital marketing or not. In the same way, your industry, products, or services don’t affect your ability to do online marketing either.

You don’t need a huge, corporate-sized budget to do digital marketing and you can even do it for free by using social Platforms. If You can have a substantial, SMB-sized budget you can go the professional way. The recommendation is to spend 7-8% of your business’s revenue on your business’s marketing plans. 

Myth #2 Your first concern shouldn't be digital marketing

Many businesses aren't concerned about digital marketing because they think it’s something that’s “good to have”.

Nowadays Digital marketing is an important component to helping your business grow. Most people turn to the Internet to help them find the products or services they need and it is considered to be the easy form. Over 75% of people research a company on the web before deciding to visit or buy their products.

So, if you’re not concerned about digital marketing, you’re missing a great opportunity to reach an audience where they’re researching business.

Myth #3 Having a website is enough for business?


Many businesses believe that having a website is enough for their business. Customers can find your website, they can get all the information they need about your business there. The only problem is how they will find your website.

Without a digital marketing plan, the audience won’t find your website online. Simply creating a website isn’t enough to get your business to grow in the world.

You need strategies like SEO, content creation, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising these things for customers to discover your website. If you don’t promote your website, people will struggle to find it online and they won't know what your product and service are.

Myth #4 Content is enough for marketing

Content Marketing

You're content out there, it’ll be enough. Many businesses know the power of content writing, so they focus on getting as much content as possible out but the problem with this belief is that it’s not about the material of content but it's quality.

If you put out low-quality content materials, you wouldn’t see as great of results as you would with high-quality, well-researched content material.

Content is important for your business if your audience finds it helpful, detailed, and informative. Remember only high-quality content will amount to positive results for your business.

Myth #3 If the competition isn’t doing digital marketing, I don’t have to do it either

If your competition isn’t doing digital marketing, you don’t need to either but this can be a great reason for doing online marketing. 

Digital marketing will keep you one step forward from your competition. Not only will you have increased brand advertisement, but you’ll also reach your target audience more effectively than your competition and you’ll see better results from your marketing efforts than your competition.

Myth #4 Email marketing strategy isn’t working anymore

Email Marketing

Email marketing isn’t working anymore. As new digital marketing strategies grow, many businesses believe that email marketing isn't working nowadays, but this couldn’t be true.

To this day, email marketing is still one of the most effective strategies for helping businesses earn more revenue from it. Email marketing has a return on investment (ROI). In fact, 58% of adults check email first thing in the morning, and 61% of people like receiving weekly promotional emails.

Myth #5 Quantity is better than having quality

Nowadays people think that the more words they use to describe something, or if they are more detailed about the product or service the more effective it will be. If you’re not clear with everything you do, you’re just going to confuse your customers. The audience needs to understand your business to buy from you. They’re not going to buy from you because you have the most blogs posted out, they truly believe that you can solve one of their problems in the best way. 

So don't go all the way for the social media posts, blog content, or on any of your assets. Take the time to think about what you’re doing, what's your plan and why before you do it. 

Myth #6 Getting instant results


Business owners try to implement digital marketing strategies but get discouraged when they don’t see immediate results with their strategy. Everyone loves instant gratification and wants to see that their efforts are making a difference.

Instead of focusing on seeing results instantaneously, just make sure that you’re doing your marketing well planned and effectively using proven strategies. If you do that, you will see results.

Myth #7 SEO isn't important anymore

Benefits of SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, refers to optimizing your website content for higher ranking and visibility on search engines online. When your customer is searching for something relevant to your business on the internet, you want your page to come on the top on Google search.

Most audiences are not going to waste time looking through pages and pages of Google. If you are looking to target specific audiences or locations, local SEO will boost your business within a short period of time. That’s why optimizing your SEO matters in digital marketing.

Myth #8 Investing time on social media isn't important

Social Media

Today you need to have social media for your business and if you want to develop your brand, you have to invest your time.

There are billions of people on the internet, so the possibilities to generate an audience through social media whether you have a thriving social presence already or not.

Building a better social media presence doesn’t have to take up all of your time, and even it's not going to hit you financially. All you need to do is take some time to learn the best strategies for building a strong social media presence

Are you still wondering how valuable digital marketing is?”

Yes, without a doubt! Investing in digital marketing pays off! Investing in digital marketing is worth every penny! 

These are all the common myths about digital marketing that are popular these days! 

The team at BrandBeavers understands your business, busts these myths and offers the most effective digital solution for your brand. Let's talk!