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How to Increase Brand Visibility Through Video Marketing on Social Media

The world of online video marketing has vast competition for user attention. In such a situation, brands are always looking for techniques to improve their brand’s visibility online through marketing. While SEO blogs, the use of infographics and images do have a role to play, videos are undoubtedly the most efficient method of achieving digital visibility.

In today’s times, most people are lazy and they want things that are easy, so they would rather watch a video than going through reading textual content. Mobile video consumption every year and the number of consumers who consume it are increasing this trend is expected to continue in future.

One of the biggest advantages of video marketing is the fact that people are likely to share it with their people if they find it enjoyable and related to that video and that way, your brand gets publicity and visibility without you having to put in any extra effort.

Video marketing is used to grow your brand from building customer support to promoting your services, or products. it can give a medium to present how-to's, promote customer testimonials, increase your sales, live-stream events to get in touch personal and deliver entertaining viral content.

Benefits of Video Marketing

  1. The video complements current marketing strategies. If you're currently doing weekly blogs or posting pictures, you can convert those blogs and pictures into a short video format or even add further content in the short few secs form of video. This offers your audience another way of engaging with your brands and it translates your content into another popular format.
  2. Because of new technology, video marketing is easily enhanced, taking your average video, edit it and making it truly amazing and engaging for the audience.
  3. Live streaming via Facebook and Instagram Live is increasingly popular. Videos can be filmed live. If you can do live filming well to answer and interact with customers directly. One of the major advantages of live video marketing is it encourages people to engage and post comments on your video pictures. This engagement gets people involved in your brands.
  4. Video marketing helps you connect with your target audience and help build trust in the audience, allowing your customers to know your brand better.
  5. Video marketing is an SEO hit point, which helps create backlinks to your brand website, boosting likes and shares. And This can affect search rankings and driving traffic to your brand and so be sure to post your videos to YouTube; as you know, youtube is connected with google and tags with the keywords/keyphrases!
  6. Video Marketing boosts your brand information. About your product service around the world.
  7. Many times clients would prefer to watch a product video than read a product detail in the description.
  8. The important thing to consider is this: after watching a video, customers are 65-85% more likely to purchase. 
  • 1:1 video

With anyone being able to record video at any time, short, targeted videos are easier to shoot. Personalised videos can be recorded and share with various online platforms. Targeted video is valuable to lead and developing a great open communication channel between you and your customers.

  • 360 video

Alongside VR, video is getting a 360 degree to revamp and is too popular. Including a 360 degree element in your video attracts an audience and gives them that VR atmosphere without the need for any headgear or other tech. It allows for an easy immersive and interactive experience for your brand to their customers.

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To create your video marketing strategy, you'll require :

1. Do the Planning well

You're going to need to plan and some budget for video marketing at the least, some simple equipment and basics necessary for the shoot, good editing software, a video marketing team, and a timeline to create a video.

2. Video Introduction

Make a note you just have to takes 10 seconds of a video to create or destroy your marketing game. Check your work and verify your script twice at least. Are there enough reasons to stay glued to the video in the first 10 seconds of your intro video
Try to increase your audience’s interest, so from the very start, they are attracted to the video. Your video should connect to the audience immediately in the first few sec.

3. The Storytelling

The power of narrative has been more and more used in advertising, and it may be used in a viral marketing video as well. Personal stories are also beneficial for your video’s audience to generate content and advertise your brand and is most likely to attract more and more consumers to your brand.

4. Keep it short and simple

The general thumb rule is that shorter is better and simple as you have few secs for video. Be ruthless with your editing skill and cut the necessary stuff first.

5. Build an Emotional Connect with the Audience

If the content is linked with powerful emotion, it will click directly to the memory of individuals. This is why storytelling is so important that is why videos are related to children enjoying, entertaining kittens or amusing images of stumbling adults connect people easily.

6. Build up your Social connection

Some individuals love to see some which are related to their own experiences. This is most often done if you have anything to say that’s entertaining or that makes you find it smarter and funnier that this has a value in social content that helps individuals feel connection better, more acknowledged, and even more appreciated. They are committed to building an internal audience in their social groupings and it can help you to increase your likes, share and comments.

7. Optimize your Content

Videos are frequently viewed on smartphones. In fact, mobile video advertising has also been forecast to expand 5 times faster than desktop ads.

It is important to optimize your content for optimal viewability on smart devices are perfect. Sometimes large footage loses its appeal on smaller displays, simply because the size and quality of mobile devices are not taken into account and also, before going live, make sure you test your video on various other devices.

8. Understand the target audience

  • Research whether your product is in demand
  • Evaluate the cost of website traffic and its source
  • Research how the user behaviour on your website
  • Prepare a marketing plan around these factors.

9. Video Backlinks to Company Website or Webpage

There are several video-sharing platforms such as Facebook, IGTV on Instagram, YouTube, etc., that you can use to post your Video content. Try to add the link to the relevant webpage in the video description so that your audience can easily reach your content.

10. Collaborative Videos

These days video content creators or influencers are easier than ever before, and a lot of people are creating innovative content in their area of expertise. Some such influencers are more popular than others, and you can consider collaborative up with them to boost your social media visibility. Start by identifying an industry-relevant influencer whose followers consist of your target group and try to reach out to them and try to work on a collaborative video.

11. Knowing where to upload

Simply creating high-quality video content will not work and you need to know where to post them exactly. Most individuals simply rush to YouTube whenever they create a video.. Similarly, you may want to post relevant videos on your brand’s social media handles and an increase in the brand’s online visibility can be noted.

Identifying keywords that are to the point of your content and include them in your title and description. Try to give a subtitle or closing captioning in your video to increase its visibility to search engines as well.

The use of hashtags is common nowadays especially while you are posting a video or pictures. That encourages your viewers to like, share and comment on your videos as that will make the video appear on the feeds of others too. Understand that some platforms are very specific about the type of content they encourage; they have some rules and regulations.

Instagram prefers videos shot in portrait mode and those that are up to 30 seconds long, and YouTube is the ideal place for long-form video content. While it is acceptable to cross-promote your videos and make sure that your video is suitable for the platform you are posting it in.

Knowing where to post your videos will help you gain digital visibility. You can then explore newer video trends and come up with ways to boost conversions through video and drive better traffic to your website and your brand visibility.