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Dreamhost Shared Hosting Review: Start-up Friendly Hosting

The Online business trend is about hype and every business needs web visuality whether you are running a large-scale business or small-scale business.

In recent years the growing competition in the market has raised the need for a website so that people can attract more customers to their services and products. Starting a website is not an easy task and that to the right web hosting.

Especially for the beginners who are entering for the first time. You may find several hosting providers such as GoDaddy, blue host, host gator, Dreamhost and the list goes on. All these names may give rise to confusion in your mind that which host provider you should choose.

Look, if your website needs multiple features such as various domains, space, and security, also if you have a limited budget then you should prefer shared web hosting services. Unlike a dedicated hosting server that powers a single site e.i., one domain, in a shared web hosting server you will receive multiple domains.

The advantage of using shared hosting is that it is cheap as well as wallet-friendly. In this, you can host single and multiple websites on the same shared server at the same cost.

So if you are having multiple sites, then instead of paying for dedicated hosting for every website you can go for shared hosting which will cost you cheaper than single hosting. We suggest you choose shared hosting because it will provide you multiple latest features.

Today in this article we would like to share that that why you should go for Dreamhost’s shared hosting to start your online business.

What is Dreamhost?

Dreamhost is a well-known web hosting platform and occupied its place in the market in a very short period of time. And shared hosting is one of the big reasons behind its success. They ensure high security to keep your data safe and secure.

The plans Dreamhost provides for shared hosting are excellent. With one year plan, they offer a free domain for a year. There are more plans which they provide from time to time according to changes in technology. This platform gives a 100% guarantee for uptime.

You can easily launch your website or blog with Dreamhost shared hosting. It provides amazing offers and a money-back policy for a particular period. Dreamhost shared hosting review says everything about the merits and demerits of Dreamhost. So, if you have any doubts, check out the review section.

All over the world, it is well known for making light work of web hosting. For all the businesses, whether small or large scale it provides them a platform to grow their business. No other hosting sites provide features as Dreamhost makes available.

Sign up to Dreamhost

Sign up to Dreamhost’s shared Hosting

While signing up for Dreamhost’s shared hosting, you will get following features: –
– Automatic WP updates, custom dashboard
– Unlimited storage, one-click automatic WP install
– Bandwidth and free SSDs.
– It runs faster than normal speed and is famous among WP users.
– Web hosting is also popular because it’s powering more than 600,000 WP blogs and websites.
– Moreover, they provide some additional features such as cloud storage and free domain name for new accounts.

Also, it has its private control panel which makes it different from others. Initially, you may find it difficult to understand so they have a strong technical team to guide their clients. Moreover, the users have full control to manage their hosting account with the help of a minimalist interface.

Reasons to choose Dreamhost

Reasons to choose Dreamhost

Free Domain :–
Dreamhost provides a free domain for new accounts which is an excellent offer. Even if you are using shared hosting, you will get the bonus of a free domain.

100% Uptime :–
Dreamhost gives a guarantee for 100% uptime. If the users face downtime then they provide free hosting for a day for every hour of downtime. They use technologies which help them to keep their uptime strong in every situation, whether it has problems like fire or earthquake.

Best security policies :–
Dreamhost provides the best security policies your data are hundred percent safe. It contains plenty of security features. It also provides amazing security options in shared hosting as well. A person can easily set up their website for success with shared hosting. With Dreamhost’s shared hosting, you will be benefited from an SSL certificate.

Small or large scale business :–
Whether you have small scale or large scale business shared hosting can take your business towards success. They also provide several offers which you will get after signing up. So, don’t forget to use the DreamHost discount coupon code.

User-friendly :–
It provides a user-friendly control panel. Shared hosting has its own control panel which is different from other control panels. So, they have a strong technical team, which guides users to learn how to use the DreamHost control panel.

Easy and secure domain :–
With your DreamHost, you get an easy and secure domain that protects your information. Also, shared hosting provides several domain styles based on new trends. Also, When you register for one year plan you will get the first domain for free.

24 hours services :-
The best part of DreamHost is that it avails 24 hours services for all types of clients whether it is shared hosting or individual hosting. They are available on Twitter, live chats, or emails. There are customer support teams who are professionally trained to solve any type of problem. To some extent, this is one of the best reasons to choose Dreamhost.

Privacy protection :-
When you will go for one-year shared hosting plan of Dreamhost you will benefit from a one-year privacy protection policy. Also, this service is only available for one year only.

Sign up process

Just follow these steps to sign up:

– To sign up for shared hosting click on the button below.
(Button) Now to get started, click on the tab “Get Started Now”.

– Next, submit your email address and password to create your account for shared hosting. After clicking on the continue button.

– Now, you need to choose a domain name. For one year, DreamHost provides free domain names along with free domain privacy. Next, enter your domain name and click on the continue button.

– You have to choose your shared hosting plan. It provides three types of plan monthly, 1 year, and 3 years. Select your desired plan and then click on the continue button to confirm your plan.

– The next step is fully dependent on your choice. You can choose an additional hosting option like MySQL VPS and if you don’t want, then just skip this step, click on continue.

– In the final step you just need to fill in your personal details and payment mode information like credit card details. Next, click on the tab place order now and you are done with the sign-up process.


While creating a website one important responsibility is to choose suitable hosting. If you have any future plans to have multiple websites or seeking some additional security features like SSL, etc. Then we suggest you go for Dreamhost’s shared hosting. This type of hosting might be expensive for you as compared to other hosting providers, but it will provide you with several benefits which are worthful for your site.

They are reliable and offer incredible money-back guarantees in case you experience any downtime or other hiccups. If you value reliability and support that’s second-to-none (and the money’s not as big of a concern), look no further than Dreamhost’s shared hosting.

In the comments section let me know which hosting service you are using and what are your views about Dreamhost’s shared hosting. Don’t forget to use the comment box.