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Content marketing

Why is Content is Called the King for Online Presence

The quote “content is king” is originally from a piece Microsoft founder Bill Gates penned in 1996. He described the future of the Internet as a marketplace for Content. A lot has developed in the 20+ years since Bill Gates coined the phrase.

A lot. Yet it’s still as relevant today as ever!
Content marketing is not a novel concept in the world of digital marketing, but right now, it is more important than ever before.

What makes CONTENT so important, anyway?

Content tends to be rather fluid and could be anything from short video clips for your Snapchat/Instagram/Facebook profile to full research reports on your blog. It is increasingly making its way to the forefront of all digital marketing strategies, as it becomes a crucial element that reaps big rewards.

In saying that, a one-size-fits-all approach will not serve when it comes to content marketing. Instead, a focus on creating unique, high-quality and completely authentic content that is interesting, useful and engaging for consumers will get you the crown. Be it text, video, images, infographics, surveys, webinars or podcasts, whatever your favoured content medium is, make sure it is shareable and relevant to your industry.

So, why is content king?

It’s excellent for SEO

1. A higher ranking website eventually exposes the brand to more digital consumers searching for content in its industry.
2. Consistently publishing great content generates authority and opens up opportunities to build a glowing backlink profile.

Fosters engagement

Good content, whether it is in the form of a blog post or social media update, helps users to engage with the brand, whether they realise it or not.

If the content is genuinely good, users will pause to read and understand the content the brand message and perhaps even comment, like or share the piece of content.
If it’s not, they’ll proceed scrolling past and the content will disappear into the black hole that is cyberspace.

It is always been important for every business to make the customer’s relationship long-lasting. Content, in a great manner, address the demands of your customers and tackle any form of problems which they might face with your products or services.
To further boost engagement through content marketing, ensure all content is pushed out through social media channels and make sharing easy.

Increases sales and leads

Exceptional content increases brand awareness and authority in a saturated business, which then has the potential to generate new heads and enhances sales as more consumers become known to the brand. Excellent content is less “salesy” so it gives users an opportunity to authentically engage with the brand without a blatant sales message disturbing the engagement.

Immersing consumers in product-oriented content can have an adverse effect on their relationship with the brand, whereas good editorial fosters the relationship as they move from consumer to customer to brand advocate.

Adds value to your product/service

Content that adds value in some way is received well by consumers because it solves a problem in their everyday lives or teaches them something new.

The value is intangible and doesn’t have a direct monetary value, however, it is invaluable to the business model and the relationship between the brand and consumers. Content that adds value to consumers by educating them on the product/service via ‘how-to’ posts, instructional videos and webinars are ideal for adding value.

Increases traffic

Not only a good-quality, original content is great for SEO purposes, it’s also a brilliant way to drive traffic to a website and keep consumers on the site for longer.

For instance, a website with just a homepage and contact page will gain much higher bounce rates, poor page views and very little engagement, whereas a website with an onsite blog packed full of appealing content makes an impression on the user and encourages them to interact with the site and visit multiple pages.

More brand visibility

There are millions of organizations who strive to be seen by the customers online. The only way to stand out from other businesses and establish your brand is by regularly interacting with your audience with the help of keeping great content.

More Credibility

Reviews and the testimonials are one of the most important forms of content among the people looking to make a purchase for your products and services. People can get to know more and more about services with great niche content.

Content and its marketing will continue to be the most effective, powerful strategy and marketing tool in a business toolkit. It is essential to think through the prospect of strategy before starting a new drive. It will help you to communicate information that your ideal customers are interested in reading, leading to better and efficient results.