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Hottest YouTube Trends for 2023

As the world of technology continues to evolve, so do the trends on YouTube. With more and more people turning to the platform for entertainment and information, it's no surprise that new trends are emerging every year. 

As we look ahead to 2023, here is a look at some of the hottest YouTube trends that are likely to take off. From interactive videos to live streaming events, these are sure to be some of the most popular topics on YouTube in the coming years.

YouTube has seen a remarkable surge in viewership since the start of the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. People have been turning to YouTube for a variety of reasons, from revisiting old favorites to discovering new content. 

One example of this is the sudden popularity of videos on making sourdough starters, which many viewers likely had no intention of watching prior to the pandemic. This demonstrates how YouTube has become an essential part of people's lives during these difficult times, providing them with entertainment and distraction when they need it most.

The success of YouTube during this period is due in part to its ability to provide viewers with content that is both entertaining and educational. With so much time spent at home, people are looking for ways to stay entertained while also learning something new. 

YouTube has been able to capitalize on this trend by offering a wide range of content that appeals to different interests and tastes. As a result, it has seen tremendous growth over the past year and looks set to continue its success into 2021 and beyond.

Some of the Youtube statistics

  • Viewers watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube video content each day. 
  • Users spend around 30 minutes per visit to YouTube. 
  • 62% of viewers access YouTube daily. 
  • The most popular YouTube channel has over 200 million subscribers. 
  • YouTube gets 10.9 daily pageviews per visitor.

Hottest YouTube Video Trends for 2023

1. Interactive Videos:

With the rise of virtual reality and augmented reality technology, interactive videos are becoming increasingly popular on YouTube. These videos allow viewers to interact with the content in a more immersive way, making them more engaging and entertaining. Expect to see more interactive videos on YouTube in 2023 as this trend continues to grow.

2. Live Streaming Events: 

Live streaming events have become increasingly This is because live streams give personal, interaction feelings that allow the consumer to relate and connect with your brand in real time. 

The consumer feels like directly speaking to a brand inspires them to stick around. YouTube Live is a great live-streaming feature that enables you to engage consumers in interesting ways. Since it came out in 2011, YouTube’s live stream has changed the way people consume video content.

YouTube Live makes video content authentic and relatable for consumers. Allowing consumers to ask questions and speak to you directly via YouTube Live makes them feel valued and there is a high possibility that they will like the product or service you are introducing.

3. Immersive shopping

YouTube video that led you to purchase a specific product, you have participated in “immersive shopping.” This YouTube trend includes videos such as “hauls” where a YouTuber shows and tries on items or products they recently purchased experiences to gift guides. 

A recent study found that 85% of online shoppers saw the product they were planning to buy in a YouTube video. Immersive shopping videos have a massive influence over consumer shopping trends when these videos go viral, stores often sell out of the items featured in the videos.

4. How-to Tutorials

Typing “how to” into the YouTube search bar will bring up suggested videos ranging from how to do everyday tasks such as learning how to do things with specific instructions in applying makeup, cooking a delicious recipe, and installing new software, how-to videos basically teach consumers how to do virtually anything.

 They simplify the lives of consumers, remove confusion about products or services used with firsthand information, and save time with easy-to-follow steps. 

5. Morning & Night Routines Videos

The morning and night routines are new trends on YouTube. These morning and night routines videos are the basis of an individual doing his/her daily life routine. Which can include drinking coffee, gym schedules, and doing skincare in the morning routine. And in night routine videos might include applying essential oil before bedtime, journaling or drinking specific tea.

They share these routines videos to inspire other people and help them choose their skincare products, and service options and even restructure their daily routines.

6. 360-Degree Videos

360-degree videos allow viewers to use a VR headset or drag their screens to view a landscape as if they were turning in a complete circle and giving them an experience as if they are using. 

It’s important to note that not every video editing program has the 360-degree capability. As a result, many YouTubers use software like PowerDirector 365 to create these videos, a program that makes it easy and simple to cut 360-degree videos. 

Once you import a 360-degree video from your camera to the PowerDirector timeline, a 360 editor will open that lets you add titles, stabilize your footage, and more.

7. Best Video Editing Software

Content creators and brands should aim to create videos that are informative, entertaining, and engaging. Utilizing interactive content such as quizzes, polls, and contests can help increase engagement by giving viewers a chance to interact with the video. Additionally, live-streaming events provide an opportunity to connect with viewers in real time and provide support for their audience.

Incorporating animation into videos is also a great way to stand out from the competition and capture viewers’ attention. To create these visually appealing videos, it is important to have the best video editing software.

The most popular video editing programs are Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X, Sony Vegas Pro, and Windows Movie Maker. It is important to research each program carefully to determine which one is best for you and your needs.

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8. Sustainable Living

Today’s consumers are more into sustainable and minimalist lifestyles. Creating videos on sustainable living videos or using sustainable products for the modern lifestyle.

These videos are getting popular on YouTube as more and more viewers turn their attention to eco-friendlier products and services. The trend is not new, but it’s definitely worth making it, especially for brands in the real estate, beauty, and hospitality industries.

9. Gamers are Taking Over

Did you know? Youtube currently has over 40 million active gaming channels. Now, gaming is definitely not a new trend since according to YouTube’s 2020 statistics, viewers watched over 100 billion gaming content in 2020, double the number of hours users watched in 2018. But, it is also not a trend that is going away anytime soon. However, YouTube Gaming channels are gaining steam.

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What should you do with these YouTube trends?

To stay ahead of the competition, content creators and brands should focus on creating valuable content that resonates with viewers. Crafting videos that offer helpful advice, tips, and strategies will help build trust and credibility among viewers. Additionally, influencer collaborations can provide an effective way to reach new audiences and expand your brand’s presence.

A comprehensive social media strategy is essential for growing and engaging an audience. Content creators should use these trends to stay ahead of the competition and create content that appeals to their target audience.

1. Help to create traffic 

You can bring in traffic to your YouTube channel, but bringing the right traffic is even better. You want to make sure the audience that comes across your content will interact with your video, watch your other videos, and even you can subscribe to your channel.

2. Seasonal content

You can also take advantage of seasonal content by creating videos at the right time of the year surrounding a topic that becomes famous during certain times of the year.

Growth is important but sustained growth for your channel, adding Keyword Tool for Youtube Trends can pull data that shows the relative popularity (calculated from 0-100) of a topic or search term compared to all searches on all topics by the viewer. The result will show you a graph of search volumes for the past 12 months


In conclusion, the YouTube landscape is rapidly evolving and staying on top of the hottest trends for 2023 can help content creators and brands to maximize their reach and engagement. By utilizing tools such as Keyword Tool for YouTube Trends, they can gain valuable insights into search volumes and guide their content creation strategies accordingly. Additionally, leveraging interactive videos, live streaming events, immersive shopping videos, how-to tutorials, morning/night routine videos, 360-degree videos, sustainable living content, and gaming channels can help them build a dedicated audience of engaged viewers. By staying current with the trending YouTube trends for 2023 and adapting their content strategies accordingly, creators and brands can position themselves for success, expand their reach.